How to buy shares online in India

If you want to increase your cash by taking advantage of the market’s best returns, you should consider investing in stocks and securities. Long-term gains on shares may be as high as 16 percent, providing you with the potential to build wealth. You may invest in a variety of asset types, including gold, real estate, and mutual funds, as an investor. Stock markets, on the other hand, have historically shown to provide the strongest returns. Before investing your hard-earned money in stocks, you must first learn the fundamentals of the stock market. Investing in stocks has the danger of excessive market volatility, and having market knowledge will keep you from taking unwarranted risks. You may buy shares online with the click of a mouse in today’s digital era.

The following are the steps to buy stocks online:

  1. Get all your documents: Make sure that you have Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and a bank account to begin with.
  2.  Choose a broker: Your broker will open your Demat account and trading account on behalf of you.
  3. After your broker opened your account, you can transfer money in your demat account and start trading.

Yes, it’s as easy as it looks. But it is advised to start your journey after you have proper knowledge about share market and how to begin with. If you’re a beginner, you can refer to this article.

Let’s learn more about these steps in detail.


A PAN card, Bank account and Aadhaar Card is a must to start your journey as an investor. The first step in every stock market transaction is to open a bank account and obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Aadhaar card. You must give your PAN before completing any financial transactions, according to government laws. The government uses your PAN to determine your tax liability and Aadhaar card to determine your citizenship.


Demat Account stands for dematerialisation account and simplifies the process of holding investments such as stocks, bonds, government securities, mutual funds, insurance, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by eliminating the hassles of physical handling and maintaining paper shares and related documents. You can open a Demat Account by approaching a depository participant or broker (Zerodha, Groww, Sharekhan, Upstrox, Angel Broking and many more) who is authorised to act on your behalf as an investor and open a Demat Account. Demat Account is important as it helps you to purchase shares online. A Demat account, also known as a Dematerialized account, is a type of dematerialized account. The physical shares you own are dematerialized or transformed to an electronic representation in this step. You will be given a unique Demat Account number after you register an online Demat Account.


After that, you must open a Trading Account. In the stock market, a trading account is used to buy and sell shares. You’ll need a Trading Account if you’ve opened a Demat Account and wish to buy stocks online. Trading Account is important as it helps you to purchase and sell shares online. You must provide your unique Trading Account number while acquiring shares online.


SEBI has made it mandatory for investors to obtain a UIN in order to build a database of all Market Participants and investors. A UIN can be obtained via NSDL-appointed Point of Service (POS) agents. You should keep in mind that a UIN is only necessary if you trade with a capital of Rs 1 lakh or more. If you wish to buy online shares for less than Rs 1 lakh, you don’t need a UIN. You’re now ready to buy stocks online after completing the procedures outlined above. When you make a purchase order on the stock market, it will be matched with a corresponding sale order. Your Demat Account will be credited with the quantity of shares acquired after settlement.

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