How to Make Small Business Website SEO Friendly

Starting a new business is an exciting feeling. You might be looking for various ways to promote it. These days, people prefer to increase brand awareness through online platforms. They create a website and try to reach as many audiences as they can digitally. How to start? It is not rocket science to get your website developed by a software developer or you can also do it by using platforms like WIX. The next most important task is to make it reach wider audiences by ranking it on Google.

So, start with SEO audit services. You will get many ideas and you would be able to perform better in the market.

How to Make Small Business Website SEO Friendly

Let’s start with some of the basic things that you need to consider for your small business website.

Responsive website

People don’t have time these days. Those who want to order something; usually prefer to use mobile phones rather than using their laptops.

You might be wondering what the relation of creating a responsive with SEO is. When a mobile phone user checks out your website and leaves it quickly then Google considers it a bad impression. An SEO-friendly website is something that can keep the audience for a longer time.

Include Good Quality Content

You must have some finalized keywords for your business that you want to target. Well, do you know how to use these keywords or how you can spread these keywords more and more on Google? The answer is through content. You need to write relevant contents where you can add these keywords and associate with your brand.

Add quality and relevant content to your website so that Google can recognize you as a significant content provider. When including content in the website make sure to add a call to action.

Add call to action

Call to action can act as the best means to boost up the sales of products or services of the business. According to many surveys, it is observed that a strong call to action can generate profits.

A good call to action is part of a larger customer experience strategy that combines useful and engaging copy with high-quality aesthetics to achieve a specific goal. It should entice customers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for your newsletter.

So, try to make your visitors stay on your website as much longer as you can.

Optimize Header tags

Header tags are crucial to make Google understand your website. So, including the keywords in the header tags can help your page rank higher.

What are header tags? Header tags stay at the back in the code of your website. <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4> you might have seen these symbols in the code. These are the tags that differentiate the sections with different headings. Now, you might be wondering that you need to learn coding now. Well, this is not the case. Most of the content management systems allow easy to use interface to post blogs. You don’t have to worry about the code.  Just include the headings, sub-headings in the content and the code will pick it up. For instance,

H1: How to Make Small Business Website SEO Friendly

H2: Step 1:  Include Good Quality Content

H3: Add call to action

H4: Boost your website

This is the way to highlight the headings in the content. To make the website SEO-friendly, make sure you add important keywords in it. Also, the sub headings should be relevant to your topic.

Include Internal Linking

Do you want Google to crawl all your pages? Isn’t that easy? Well, this is to note that Google may not be able to find every page of your website if you won’t put some efforts. No matter how valuable content you have included in your website, there can be the chances that Google won’t crawl them.

So, here is a solution for you. Include internal links in your website and make it SEO-friendly. Not only Google can crawl the pages easily but also makes it more users friendly. While putting the internal links, make sure that the pages are relevant to the topic you are linking with and have the similar anchor text. Adding more and more internal links in the website will help Google to discover more pages and index your website pages properly.

Optimize Meta descriptions

When you search something on Google by putting some keyword, the first thing that you notice of the different titles related to that keyword and second thing is the small paragraph under the title. That preview of the page can make a huge different in boosting the site clicks. Optimized and clean meta descriptions always attract users to visit the page. You can include the keyword in the description but it should be relevant to the topic which is in the link.

Wrap Up

Follow the above mentions things when it comes to creating the website for your start up. Hope these ideas will help you to make your website SEO-friendly and boost more and more sales.

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